Product Review/Giveaway Requests

The Power of Five

Thank you for your interest in having your products reviewed by the Platinum PJs! We love trying new makeup, hair products, nail polish, etc.  We have lots of products, and have tried…lots of products.  Before requesting product reviews, you should know:

  • We only review products that grab our attention. We reserve the right to respectfully decline a product review request.
  • We do not accept monetary compensation for product reviews.
  • We do not return products sent to us.
  • We review products as a group, so your product(s) must be sent to all five of usNo Exceptions.  We will post individual reviews of your product(s).
  • If we choose to review your product(s), you will be notified via email with an estimated date for completed reviews (based on when products are received, our individual schedules, etc.), along with shipping information.
  • We provide honest, constructive feedback.
  • If you’d like us to host a giveaway,  please state the conditions/terms.

If you’re still interested, complete the form below, or send your inquiry to:

Product Review/Giveaway Request Form

  • What products do you make or represent? What makes them unique/special?
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