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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale Roundup….Platinum PJ edition!

black friday sale


It’s that time of year that sends this PJ into a frenzy….Black Friday and Cyber Monday!!!!

*tosses glitter and confetti*

I can’t lie, I’m a year round shopper, but something about the massive discounts, just sends me over the ledge.  I go HARD in the paint this time of year, as do the rest of the PJs. So in an effort to share the shopping “wealth” and the savings, here is our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale round up.  This post will be updated frequently over the coming days, so check back frequently for all the steals and deals!!!!  Should you know if a deal that we’re missing, please leave us the heads up in the comments and we will update accordingly!


Natural Hair Sales

Over on Confessions of a Blog Vixen, WestNDNbeauty has an extensive list of all sales for natural hair vendors for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we are linking to her awesome, detailed post!  But, as always, the PJs have partnered with some of our favorite vendors to offer our fans several EXCLUSIVE  and limited edition items highlighted below:



B.A.S.K Beauty
Platinum PJs has teamed up with Rashida to bring you all an exclusive, limited edition hair syrup *knock me over with a feather*.  Here are the deets:

Apple & Sorghum supple hair syrup.  A conditioning hair oil used as either a pre or post shampoo oil rinse or as a moderate oil leave-in for more coarser hair types.

Ingredients: Castor Oil,  Sesame Seed Oil, Virgin Hemp Seed Oil, Virgin Olive Fruit Oil, Mango Butter, Behentrimonium Methosulfate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol,  Natural Apple Fruit Extract, Premium Sorghum Syrup,  Fragrance Oil, Vitamin E.


003 (1)



BoBeam Naturals

Platinum PJs has teamed up with Laquita at BoBeam Naturals to bring you all an EXCLUSIVE shampoo bar.  We can’t give you the details just yet, but this will be a 5.8oz  moisturizing shampoo bar that will cleanse and nourish your hair.   Click here for a sneak peek JUST for PPJ fans!




A portion of the proceeds from the limited edition items created by B.A.S.K Beauty and BoBeam Naturals will benefit the Foundation for Women’s Cancer.  The Foundation for Women’s Cancer is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization dedicated to funding research and training, and ensuring education and public awareness of gynecologic cancer prevention, early detection and optimal treatment. 





NJoi Creations

Platinum PJ has partnered with NJoi Creations and she has created this yummy Holiday treat…A Limited Edition BLACK FRIDAY Chocolate Lipbalm.  NJoi’s lipbalm is handmade from scratch in small batches to preserve freshness…using shea, mango and cocoa butters, a drop of honey,real chocolate, glycerin,candellia wax, rice bran oil, coconut oil.






Platinum PJs has teamed up with Soultanicals to bring you two…that’s right TWO limited edition, exclusive hair products.  The Plait’num PJ Gift Set! Set Includes (1) 4 oz Plait’num Roots Scalp Oil and (1) 4 oz Plait’num Roots Scalp Butta!


Plait’num Roots Scalp Oil: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hempseed Oil, Murumuru butter, Carrot Seed Oil, Sapote Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Blends of Essential Oils, Drizzled with an extra slip of LOVE!

Plait’num Roots Scalp Butta: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hempseed Oil, Murumuru butter, Candelilla Wax, Carrot Seed Oil, Sapote Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Blends of Essential Oils, Drizzled with an extra slip of LOVE!


Beauty (Makeup and Skincare) Sales

For all you budget beauty lovers, you must check out our favorite blogger Nouveau Cheap and her drugstore Black Friday Sale Roundup post.  She’s done all the detective work on all the sales at the major retailers (CVS, Riteaid, Walgreens, Target, Ulta, etc).  So head on over and show her some love!


Here are the online beaut sales that have caught the Platinum PJ’s eyes…..don’t forget to use ebates to maximize your savings!!!  We’ve added all the cash back savings to each listing so you can maximize your savings!!!!


Becca Cosmetics

20%off site wide

Complimentary shipping w/ any $50 purchase

Code: FAMILY13

Now until Dec 2


Costal Scents

50% off entire site

Free Shipping w/ $50 purchase

No code necessary

Now until Dec 2


Cherry Culture

20% off all orders

Code: TKG2013

Now until Dec 1


Dr. Brandt
40% off purchase

Free shipping

No code required.

Midnight Nov 27 thru Nov 29


Giorgio Armani

20% off $75 purchase

No code needed

Now thru Dec 5

Ebates cash back: 4%


Kate Somerville

Friends and Family Event

30%off your entire order

Now until Dec 2

Code: Holiday2013

Ebates cash back: 6%


MAC Cosmetics

Limited Edition Black Friday Lipstick Release

“Hautecore”  (matte black lipstick) $15, online only

Available Midnight Black Friday morning until supplies last



#Giftopia…several $10 gift items that retail for MUCH more!!!

Black Friday ONLY

No codes, quantities limited.

Available online and in stores.

Here is a link to the deals.

Ebates cash back: 8%


Throwback Thursday: Curl Junkie Curl Rehab Conditioner

Everyone on social media knows what Throwback Thursday is, but rather than just posting old pictures of ourselves, Platinum PJs wanted to do a Throwback Thursday with a twist.  In addition to the old photos of our natural hair (man the struggle was real ) we also want to bring you reviews of old products that are just as good now as they were back in the day!  So, without farther ado, let’s kick off the Inaugural Throwback Thursday!

For this Throwback Thursday I present to you Curl Junkie’s Curl Rehab Conditioner.  Let me tell ya’ll, my love for this product has grown exponentially since I finally tried it.  Initially, I have to admit, I was turned off by the price.  $20 for 8oz of product just felt like a punch to the gut and the wallet.  I REFUSED to try for years when others raved about it because of the price and and because I was afraid I would fall in love with it.  Finally one Black Friday sale, I broke down and finally ordered the 32oz size, which at 20% off was a steal.

When I received it, I held off on using it for a while…it sat in my product closet for at least a year. While on one of my hair product no buys, I pulled it out and just like I feared, my hair fell in love with it.  It’s thick, it’s rich, and it packs a moisture punch.  I used that liter and it immediately went on my repurchase list.  I moved on to other items while purging the product closet but I kept my eyes open and the next curl junkie sale I brought 2 liters.

Fast forward to this past month and my hair has been acting as absolute ASS.  It’s been dry, its been frizzy, its been hard to detangle, it’s just been the absolute worst.  NOTHING was working.  I know part of the problem has been my workout schedule which causes me to wash a lot more frequently than I would like.  I’ve also been trying to work through some drugstore products that I received for review consideration and yeah….I think I’m going to pass most of this to my friend who’s daughter is relaxed as I think she will get better use of them than I would even though the products claim to be for naturals.  My hair struggle has been real this past month.

So I pulled out my foot stool to reach the top shelf of my product closet where I hide the expensive good ish to see what I had hidden and I find two 8oz jars of this rich conditioning goodness!  I immediately slather it on my hair and sit under my heat cap and I can literally hear my hair breath a sigh of relief.  I decided to just pull out all my curl junkie products so after I rinsed, I applied my curl junkie smoothing lotion as a leave in, and topped with a bit of castor oil to seal in the moisture.  I then added Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha Gel to top it all off and air dried my hair.  As I type this, I’m on day 4 and my hair is soft, its moisturized, its shiny, and non frizzy.  To maintain, I put into two low loose pigtails and cover with my satin bonnet.  In the morning, I let the shower stream refresh my hair, shake it out and go.  This has reaffirmed my love for this conditioner, and also means that I need to start counting my coins in anticipation for Black Friday, because I have my eye on that liter bottle of Curl Rehab!

Have you recently discovered or rediscovered this gem?  Let me know in the comments below!


First Impressions: Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are innovative protective style that everyone seems to be rocking lately. I too have been eyeing them lately. There are so many different crochet braid styles that have popped up in the last 6 months around the natural land that I just had to see if I could get some installed. I watched video after video contemplating doing the install myself but quickly nixed that idea because I am not the greatest at doing my own hair extensions.

I researched a local hair salon near me but once I saw the shocker prices of $200, I let go of that theory really quick. I put crochet braids on the back burner and didn’t consider them again until one day at work a coworker had them. I quickly asked her where she got hers done and started to “beg” her to give up the goods. A friend of hers figured out how to install them and she installed them on my coworker. After months of asking “begging”, she agreed to do them on me. I was over the moon!

The hair she used was Freetress Water Wave. While I was happy with the look, I was not happy with the feel of the synthetic hair after 5 weeks. It started to feel rough and hard. From far away the hair looked wonderful but up close it was not pretty. If decide to get them again, I would get human hair and suggest you do too if you are interested in them.

Overall the hairstyle is easy to maintain and lightweight, I would highly recommend you try them out at least once!

Here are some pictures of me rocking the crochet braids. Click on the pictures to enlarge them!

photo (5)

photo (4)


photo (6)

Alikay Naturals Giveaway: Knot be Gone Detangler

Alikay Naturals Giveaway: Knot be Gone Detangler

After my experience with trying Alikay Naturals Black Soap Shampoo and Honey & Sage Deep conditioner it would darn near unPJ like if we didn’t give you a chance to win an item from Alikay Naturals.  So we are excited to offer you the Knot Be Gone Detangler.

From the website:

This product makes the process of detangling easier.  Just spray on your hair and begin detangling. Helps to loosen stubborn hair knots. Botanical infused blends give your hair slip and moisture for easy manipulation without leaving hair greasy. This Product is 100% Natural and 90% Organic Hair feels fresh and clean and ready to style. The scent of jasmine is calming.. Key Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Wheat Germ Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, Fragrance, Behentrimonium Methosulfate(Rapaseed oil) , Herbal and Botanical Blend No Petroleum, No Mineral Oil , No Alcohol, No Paraben, No Sulfate, No Silicones.


So what are the requirements to enter?

Like “Alikay Naturals”  and “ PlatinumPJ” on Facebook

For additional entries you can

  • Follow BlackOnyx77  and  PlatinumPJ on Instagram
  • Tweet about the giveaway or
  • Leave a comment below telling us what Alikay Naturals products you have tried or want to try.

Good Luck!
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Alikay Naturals Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner Review

Alikay Naturals Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner

From Alikay Naturals website

Excellent Conditioner Treatment for dry damaged hair. Revitalizes your weak hair, and replenishes moisture. Honey attracts water to hair then locks in moisture in each strand. Sage is proven to prevent hair loss and thicken hair. Extra Virgin Olive Oil adds shine and softness. Smells like honey. Your Hair Will Love IT!

FTC Disclosure: The item discussed in this review was provided by Alikay Naturals for consideration. This is not a paid endorsement. All thoughts and ideas expressed are those of the reviewer.


   Ingredients: Honey, Sage, Coconut Oil Extracts, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wheat Protein, Behentrimonium  Methosulfate(Rapaseed oil), Silk Amino Protein, Rice Bran Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Babassu Oil, Herbal and Botanical Blend

   Size(s) 8oz , 16oz

   Cost(s) $16, $27

   Samples?  No

   Packaging: I received a 8 oz jar with clear writing and a lovely Caribbean theme label. I have gotten my label wet and the  letters have slightly faded yet it doesn’t smear

   Scent: an island fruity scent

   Texture: creamy

   Slip: I used this immediately after the shampoo and It sank into my strands immediately. It was creamy enough that I only  needed two quarter amounts for my entire head . I enjoyed the scent along with the my hair felt immediately after applying  and rinsing. It grabbed at my hair and slide easily down the strands

   Moisture: I have to say my hair felt moist and supple after keeping in for only 15 minutes. I didn’t even use it with heat  because it sank into my strands immediately




I love it.  It worked so well in conjunction with the shampoo that I feel it’s a must to use both together. The honey didn’t bother my hair at all, as honey sometimes leaves my hair hard if its not all rinsed out.  I do feel as if it was grabby so I have to rinse several times to ensure I had rinsed all the product out.  It was a wonderful hair spa experience and I look forward to trying this with my steamer after a henna treatment.

Alikay Naturals Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo Review

Alikay Naturals Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo

From Alikay Naturals website

Get clean hair Naturally. Made from Raw Black Soap, this shampoo is great at cleaning the hair without stripping it of its natural oils. It leaves your hair moisturized and soft. It is watery form so no thickening agents have been added. Scent is tropical and fruity. Directions: Apply directly to the scalp and massage in to create lather. It is in a watery form so apply in small amounts at a time. It is concentrated, so not much is needed. Even if shampoo doesn’t lather a lot, it still cleans your hair.

FTC Disclosure: The item discussed in this review was provided by Alikay Naturals for consideration. This is not a paid endorsement. All thoughts and ideas expressed are those of the reviewer.

  Ingredients: Water, Raw African Black soap, Coconut Oil, Essential Oils, Fragrance, Herbal and Botanical Blend No Petroleum, No  Mineral Oil , No Alcohol, No Paraben, No Sulfate, No Silicones

   Size(s) 8oz , 16oz

   Cost(s) $12, $20

   Samples?  No

   Packaging: I received a 16 oz bottle with clear writing and a lovely Caribbean theme label. My label got wet in the shower and the letters  have faded slightly, but they are not smeared and I can still see the writing and read the label

   Scent: an island fruity scent

   Texture: Very liquid like, watery

   Lather/Rinsing: You have to be very careful dispensing this out of the bottle during your wash routine. You can easily use more of the  shampoo than needed because its fairly watery in texture. This does not lather, however it cleans the hair and scalp very well without  stripping the hair of its natural oils.




I love it and that says a lot because I’m not a big shampoo user. I use a lot of clays and cowashes to cleanse my hair but when I need to try a new product and want to clean my hair to start from fresh I like to bust out a shampoo.  This shampoo left my hair pliable and soft.  I actually washed twice because I wasn’t sure if my hair still had oil in it from my prepoo.  For those of you looking for a product that cleanses like a shampoo, but mimics the moisture and softness of a cowash, I highly recommend this product!

June favorites

It’s time again for the monthly favs for June!! I can’t believe it’s July already, so sorry about the delay.

We’re going head to toe this go round, so let’s get into it!

Hair: Hairveda Red Tea Strong Holding Gel: Talk about frizz control?! This gel, loaded with fab ingredients like aloe vera, argan oil, and Rooibos tea extract tamed my curls and left them shiny and frizz free for 3-4 days. Other nourishing oils in the product helped me maintain moisture in my curls throughout the week so I didn’t have to really refresh much. Here’s a pic of my hair using it:


Despite the “Strong Hold” in the name , it’s really a flexible hold that keeps frizz at bay and allows your curls to remain soft and bouncy.


Face: Rite Aid Renewal Duo Fiber blending brush (synthetic): I actually bought this brush for my mom not realizing she had a brush like this already and I’m so GLAD I did not return it. This is the softest brush I’ve ever felt from a drugstore brand. It blends all my liquid foundations so effortlessly that it’s a brush that been washed so many times this month because I refuse to rotate to another. Because the brush head is on the smaller side, I’ve also used it to apply blush and setting powders with no issues.


Body: TWO items I’ve been hooked on because of the smell that are also uber moisturizing:

Citrus smells always get me hook, line and sinker! Both of these are loaded with oils and butters that left my skin feeling soft, hydrated and supple without the greasy feel. For ladies on the go, the Pacifica butter comes in packaging that’s perfect for having in your purse to attack those stubborn areas, or simply to replenish moisture after handwashing. I definitely will be repurchasing these!


Nails: Tips and Toes edition!

  • Surreal Appeal by China Glaze
  • Amanda, by Zoya Nail Polish

I have been married to these two for my tips and toes, because while I love to sport super colorful shades for the summer, my work environment limits how “expressive” my nails can be.  Needless to say, I thought my toes would be having all the fun with the splashy coral of Surreal Appeal, but Amanda made a believer out of me as a person who typically doesn’t gravitate towards nude shades. Amanda is the updated version with a peachy edge. Against my skin it’s absolutely lovely and coordinated well fashion-wise (where I would usually have to change my polish). Since my recent move to LA, I have been going to a ton of different events and haven’t had to worry about my manicure one bit. Zoya’s formula is superb. I never chip with it and it lasts a week or more.



So, what are your favs for June? Tell us! We wanna know (so we can go buy it already)!





Ouidad Curl Recovery Line Giveaway

Platinum PJs firmly believes that in the world of curls and textured hair, that hair products can be universal. We have noticed that throughout our individual journeys; the misconception that products marketed for “looser/wavier/botticelli” curls will not work for “coils/kinks/tighter” hair types persists.   One of our most pleasant discoveries has been Ouidad which caters to all curl “types” from loose wave to the kinkiest of kinky hair.  They offer an array of products from a spectacular Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil, to a Heat and Humidity gel that lives up to its claim of preventing the hair to swell.


According to Ouidad “I have spent many hours speaking with my clients about their curls and realize that we all shared a similar struggle. Some still carry the memories of traumatic curl-related events from their childhood and others just never thought their curls could be beautiful”.

Ouidad’s mission:    curly hair is a gift to be embraced and celebrated. We are dedicated to inspiring confidence in our customers by empowering them with the knowledge, tools, products and services to help them look and feel their most beautiful.

In addition to bringing you our tried and true hair products and companies; we also want to share with you companies that are developing new and innovative products.  So, we’re giving you the chance to win new products from Ouidad’s Curl Recovery line.

The Ouidad Curl Recovery Collection is the ultimate in specialized hair repair, mending damage while strengthening and restructuring curls to restore their natural lustre. With our exclusive CR-4 Repair Complex – including Mafura Butter and Kalahari Melon Seed Oil, rich in essential fatty acids – the formulas melt instantly into tresses to deeply nourish, fortify and reconstruct hair for healthy-looking, vibrant curls that spring back to life.

  • Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil
  • Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner & Styling Primer
  • Curl Defining Styling Soufflé
  • Melt-down Extreme Repair Mask

So here’s how you can enter to win these products…and remember the more you do, the more chances you get to win!!!

  1.  “Like” the Platinum Product Junkies and Ouidad on Facebook.
  2. “Follow” the Platinum Product Junkie and Ouidad on Twitter
  3. “Follow” the Platinum Product Junkies and Ouidad on Instagram

Good Luck!!!
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Qhemet Biologics Giveaway

Qhemet Biologics is an innovative line of high performance, natural products based on African, Mediterranean & Ayurvedic hair care traditions. Their products conform to the stricter EU and Japanese cosmetic safety standards and do not contain mineral oil, silicones, sls, phthalates, parabens, dmdh hydantoin, triclosan, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, diazolidinyl urea or imidazolidinyl urea. All Qhemet products are are a vegetarian, cruelty-free and eco-friendly company.

We have been a HUGE fan of Qhemet Biologic products for YEARS.  Each of us have used many of the products and I can assure you that we each have at least ONE product from the line that we each consider a stable!  Qhemet’s products are top notch (and that’s not a nod that we give out freely).


We are excited to offer you a chance to try out  a sample pack from this wonderful company! Included in the pack  are:

  • Mini Amla & Olive Heavy Cream
  • Mini Burdock Root Butter cream
  • Mini Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee
  • Mini Moringa Tree Conditioning Ghee
  • Castor & Moringa Serum
  • Instructional Brochure




So, what are the requirements to enter and win?

Register at Platinum Product Junkies forum then leave your screen name in the comment section below!  We’d love for you to introduce yourself in the “Introduce Yourself” thread and jump right into the conversation.  If you have tired Qhemet Biologics products, let us know which products you liked or which you are looking forward to trying.

To earn additional contest entries

  1. “Like” the Platinum Product Junkies and Qhemet Biologics on Facebook.
  2. “Follow” the Platinum Product Junkies Twitter.

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Please note: Giveaway is open to US residents only. Contest winner has 48 hours to respond to email notification (please double check your email in the comment section), with a valid shipping address.

Good luck!!!

Review: The Pomade Shop’s Blaizon’s Café Au Natural Coffee Conditioner

FTC Disclosure: The item discussed in this review was provided by The Pomade Shop for consideration. This is not a paid endorsement. All thoughts and ideas expressed are those of the reviewer.

Coffee just may be the new Calgon!!


 From The Pomade Shop websiteElevate your hair experience with the Cafe Au Natural Coffee Conditioner. This thick and creamy mixture of coffee, nourishing oils, and herbal extracts is designed to give your hair a hydrating boost. It’s moisture in a bottle–coffee style! Cafe Au Natural is great for regular and/or deep-conditioning. This conditioner is suitable for all hair types, but it is recommended for dry hair.

Ingredients: Water, Behentrimonium Methosulfate (BTMS), Cetearyl Alcohol, Coffee. Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Peppermint Leaf, Green Tea Herb, Grape Root, Rose Hips, Orange Peel, Calendula Flower, Echinacea Root, Goldenseal Rhizome, Red Clover Leaf, Optiphen

Size(s): 8oz, 16oz

Cost(s):  $16, $26

Samples?: Yes, 2oz for $7

 Packaging: I received a 16oz bottle full of product. The bottle is clear, very sturdy, with easy to read labeling. The writing does fade with continued water exposure though, so be aware of that.

Scent: Like the shampoo, this also smells like freshly ground coffee beans! NOM!

Texture: I adore the texture of this conditioner! It has a medium density that’s super creamy and slippery. You feel the weight of the oils immediately. The bottle dispenses the product effortlessly.

Slip:  I’ll be honest with you by saying that I initially used this product for the first time on a 10 day wash n go– so basically my hair was super tangly. I thought I was asking too much of this conditioner to go to war, but I was pleasantly surprised at how detangling was a breeze! I mean seriously guys this conditioner melted my tangles, and I could feel my hair swelling with moisture and getting that awesome slippery feel you experience with a quality conditioner. It’s like your curls are already telling you they love you!

Moisture: Again, back to the curls talking to me. The fatty alcohol (cetearyl alcohol) plus the oils in this baby make this conditioner hydration city. Upon rinse out, my hair felt soft, sleek and moisturized to the point where I could go straight to styling without using a leave-in conditioner. Doing that, I got about 3 days before I needed to re-moisturize. As a leave-in, it’s a bit tricky because the oils don’t play well with every gel, BUT– when I combined it with Ecostyler or Ampro gel I had soft, shiny coilage that didn’t need refreshing for 5 days. I did not use this product as a deep conditioner or with a steamer, but I can only imagine that it would be awesome.

Final verdict


A great smell and formulation makes this conditioner the obvious standout of the pair that all hair types can enjoy, but dry, chemically treated, or other porous hair types should strongly consider giving this a try. Like, run and try this already!

Consistency Ease of Use Slip Moisture Versatility Final Grade
10/10 10/10 10/10 10/10 10/10 A+


RIGHT NOW: Save 20% off all full-size products from May 19-June 30 with code INHMD20 at checkout!




The Pomade Shop’s Blaizon’s Café Au Natural Coffee Conditioner as a leave-in underneath Ampro Clear Ice Styling Gel


Have you tried this conditioner yet?  Will you? Check out what the other PJ’s are saying about it on the forum and weigh in!