Va VOOM hair!!!

So, this is what happens when you decide to comb your hair out after air-drying…


Man… that’s a lotta hair!


 More Afro….














SHAZAM huh??! Big hair don’t care wildness. I had NO CLUE that I had  all this going on. It certainly surprised (and tickled) me that my mane had grown so much.  Shrinkage will brainwash you into believing just about anything.

Clearly, with a halo like this, who would want to control it? I put my Loc Soc on as a headband and proceeded to rock my fro all week long. The last few days I did an afro puff and was happy that for once, my puff was real.

What I did:

  1.  Washed with Bobeam Shealoe shampoo bar
  2. Detangled and deep conditioned with Herbal Essences Honey I’m Strong Rinse off treatment for 20 mins, then rinsed out
  3. Set my hair into two big twists, put on my Loc Soc and let air dry.
  4. Applied Heavenly Jojoba hair oil by Karen’s Body Beautiful onto each dry twist, unraveled, and combed each section out with my Ouidad double detangler.

and voila!!!


Tell us, has your hair surprised you recently? If so, how?

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    1. 5
      LaWanda S says:

      Nice, and I love that you didn’t have to use a lot of products to get the style!

    2. 4
      DollFace says:

      I LOVE it!! I want to hug your hair! hehe

    3. 3
      Ladon says:

      Loves it!

    4. 2
      zainab1 says:


    5. 1
      Shawny says:

      Let me just say. ” lemme touch on it for a few” Words cant even express all that hair out in its glory

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