Taking the “busy” out of print fashion: A style how to in pictures.

It’s not easy putting the print into fashion because…


There are some women who don’t like “busy” clothes. Busy in this case would mean various prints (i.e: florals, polkadots, stripes). The concern is that these elements can turn a garment from tasteful to tacky in seconds, but it doesn’t have to be that way. One of the best ways to wear prints frankly, is to break it up with a solid color. This color is usually found within the pattern itself (like the peachy pink seen here), or…

You can think out of the box and choose a solid color complimentary to the dominant background color of the printed piece.(the light blue in these pants, for example).

Here are a few more examples of  how one can integrate prints in fashion that I created to help you along using the Polyvore app for iphone. It’s loads of fun!




























Whatever you decide, there’s no bad in this busy! Have fun with it!

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    1. 2
      Ladon says:

      Oh this is good. I don’t do a lot of prints, but have thought about ways of making them work every time I come across a cute print top or bottoms while shopping. Thanks for the inspiration!

    2. 1
      zainab1 says:

      Really cute outfits! the yellow and green shoes..sharp!
      Thanks for posting. Take care.

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