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Creative  Nail Design (CND) Shellac

I made two very important decisions today: I decided to try Shellac polish (chrome French manicure) and to get my nails done regularly. I LOVE nail polish, but I don’t always love polishing my nails. I’m not as neat and meticulous as I would like to be, and I think I need to start treating myself to some “mini luxuries”.  A manicure can take the edge off life.  It can make life’s little irritations less irritating. I was a bit concerned about Shellac damaging my nails (thinning my nail beds) but Tori, my manicurist, assured me I wouldn’t have that problem. She recommends Shellac for “when it matters most”, and to switch it up with standard polish. I’m a neutral polish girl, but I definitely plan to experiment with bold color and nail art, now that somebody else gets to worry about smudges, polish mishaps,  etc.  All I have to do is show the neat, finished, perfect results. I’m good with that. I’m totally looking forward to 14 days of worry-free, chip-free nails.

I’m wearing a Chrome French Manicure, with CND Cityscape and Silver Chrome on the tips.  Do you wear Shellac? Do you like it? Did you experience any damage to your natural nails? Talk to me. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Oh, and if you’re in the Metro Detroit area, and you want an awesome manicure, make an appointment with Tori at the Premier Salon at Macy’s in the The Somerset Collection, in Troy, MI


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