Giveaway: Zoya Pixie Dust Collection


 It’s Magical!

Experience the magic! One lucky winner gets the ENTIRE Pixie Dust Collection –  Six (6) polishes that are textured, matte AND sparkling!  Wanna win? Just leave a comment sharing your excitement about this new collection AND your favorite Pixie Dust polish color (click on the link to view the colors).  Contest ends Wednesday, February 13th, 2013.  A random winner will be chosen and announced on Friday, February 15th, 2013.

Giveaway is open to US residents only.  Contest winner has 48 hours to respond to email notification (please double check your email in the comment section), with a valid shipping address.  Polish ships directly from Zoya.  Allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Good luck!


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    29 Comments and 1 Replies

    1. 29
      bobbie c. says:

      I love the London color, they are all very pretty and I love their glimmer.

    2. 28
      Melanie says:

      I’ve been wanting to try Godiva but I have no monies. Sad face.

    3. 27
      Chelsea L says:

      I’m excited about the new collection, Vespa and Chyna are absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to see how the texture looks and feels. Also the staying power of polish…no chipping :)

    4. 26
      Karen Mattingly says:

      I love Zoya! Godiva is my fav.

    5. 25
      Mysteri says:

      Gorgeous! I can’t wait to wear Dahlia!

    6. 24
      Pam R says:

      I couldn’t possibly pick between London and Godiva. Absolutely love them both!

    7. 23
      Jessica says:

      I am really looking forward to trying out the Pixie Dust collection. Matte and textured and glittery are three of my favorite things. Nyx is at the top of my list, but London is also really pretty.

    8. 22
      Omi S. says:

      I love the colors Zoya has offered: they range from dark and sexy like Chyna and Dahlia to bright and fun with Vespa, Godiva and Nyx. I LOVE textured polishes, and I’m glad to see the trend coming back with a more receptive audience this time around. The matte/yet glitter mix is what I’m so excited about. I can’t wait to see how Dahlia and Vespa shimmer on my fingers.

    9. 21
      Tiffany Miller says:

      I want these! They are so pretty! Never won anything in my life! I’m just not a lucky person lol

    10. 20
      Priscilla says:

      I love Zoya polishes and would love to try Nyx!

    11. 19
      Marielle P says:

      I would really love to try out London, it’s such a beautiful color!

    12. 18
      Benita says:

      I really like the formula of Zoya nail polishes. This new collection says matte and sparkling – I can’t wait to see that! My favorite in this collection is London.

    13. 17
      Kelley liu says:

      Lovee zoya,their colors are so nicee!would love to have the nyx:)

    14. 16
      stephanie c says:

      Thank you for the giveaway! I would love to try Godiva :)

      luvharrypotter12 @ gmail dot com

    15. 15
      Kamile White says:

      I love the look of this collection. I’m so excited. I think my favorite is Nyx.

    16. 14
      Ashley says:

      These look so pretty, I tried the OPI stuff and was wondering if any other companies were going to do something similar. The Zoya polishes seem a little less glittery, which is kind of a nice thing if you’re looking for a more subtle look. It’s hard to pick a favorite since they all look really good. I think I like Godiva, Chyna, and Dahlia the most.

    17. 13
      tiffany says:

      Thanks so much for the giveaway! I just discovered Zoya a few months ago and I love their polishes! The pixie dust collection is so pretty– I’m most excited to try London

      il0vemyduck2 at yahoo dot com

    18. 12
      Heather Layton says:

      I’m such a huge fan of Zoya, thanks so much for doing this! I love all of the Pixie Dust Collection swatches, but Chyna is my favorite.

    19. 11
      Marlayna says:

      These are so awesome! I can’t wait to try London!

    20. 10
      tianna says:

      These polishes look awesome. Godiva especially!

    21. 9
      Ellen says:

      I really love this new collection. Godiva is so damn pretty!

    22. 8
      Gabriela says:

      I have been waiting for Ulta to get these and still nothing!!! aaagghh fingers crossed ill be a happy winner!!!! thank you!!

    23. 7
      Shakira Daniels says:

      As they say …all you need is love, trust, and a little PIXIE DUST. I want to try NYX

    24. 6
      Lydia says:

      I would love to win because I’m a nail polish addict! I watch all of the nail bloggers on IG and wish I could do all of the beautiful swatches they do. Zoya has beautiful colors.

    25. 5
      Shawana T says:

      I would love to try’s such a pretty nude.

    26. 4
      vanessa says:

      I just love Zoya polishes and can’t wait to try Nyx!

    27. 3
      Karin says:

      I’m excited about the new Zoya colors. My favorite is Nyx.

    28. 2
      Desiree Brinkman says:

      I would love to win this collection! Chyna is my favorite color.

    29. 1
      Tara says:

      I’m so excited to try these. Thinking I will try Nyx first although intrigued by London as well.