World Natural Hair Show (WNHS) 2013

16th Annual World Natural Hair Show

2013 Spring Show – April 27th-28th
Georgia International Convention Center, College Pk, GA

Mark your calendar. We had a GREAT time at the Spring 2012 show! It was so nice meeting people from the different online natural hair communities. Dinner at Simon’s Steak and Seafood was a blast!  If you’ve never been to the World Natural Hair Show, you owe it to yourself to attend one show. If you’re considering giving up the lye, or you’re in the beginning stages of transitioning, seeing an abundance of beautiful, kinky/coily/curly heads will encourage you to make that decision and stay on the path to chemical-free hair. It’s an empowering experience you won’t want to miss. Start saving your money now – you’ll need sufficient funds to purchase lots of products. We’re talking about a possible Friday nite meetup for dinner and great conversation.

Have you ever been to the show? Do you plan on attending the Spring 2013 show? Where are you in your natural hair journey?  Leave a comment…let us know your plans!

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    7 Comments and 9 Replies

    1. 7
      MakeupAnBeautyJunkie says:

      I attended last year and I can’t wait to attended this year ;-)

    2. 6
      Chelsea L says:

      Currently, I’m undecided about attending the 2013 Spring WNHS. I went last year and it’s not what I expected it to be. My expectations surrounding the sale prices for product were not did not align well with the actual sale prices. Also, the venue was overly crowded and some of vendors sold out of product. But if Platinum PJ’s has a meetup, I’ll come out for that… No Doubt :)

    3. 5
      Danielle says:

      I want to go but this college budget is rough! Hopefully I’ll be there for the 2014 show…. ;_;

    4. 4
      Jeanna Conyers says:

      I was mad I missed the one in October but I plan to be there in April had a blast when I went to the one in March I believe it was.

      • 4.1
        Tlynnsmith says:

        Don’t be mad about missing the Fall show – I’m sure it’s nice, but you really need to attend the Spring show! Be there..we’ll be looking for you!

    5. 3
      Tanesha says:

      I’ve never been hopefully I’ll make this one!I know it’s a lot of fun!I wanna meet some of the naturals;that I’ve met online and shop til I drop!LOL!

      • 3.1
        Tlynnsmith says:

        You MUST make this one! Yes, it’s loads of fun…just gawking at all the gorgeous heads of hair is worth the trip. But yeah, the product shopping is crazy good!

    6. 2
      Yolanda says:

      It’s such an amazing experience. The next one we will be a vendor there so we are excited about that. It’s the perfect event for product junkies.

      • 2.1
        Tlynnsmith says:

        So glad to know you’ll be there as a vendor! I’m makin’ a list of your products to grab right now.

    7. 1
      Avalon says:

      I have went three times already. I hope to go next year too. It is such an addiction

      • 1.1
        Tlynnsmith says:

        I know…the adrenaline rush that comes when viewing all those products – I brought an empty suitcase, just so I could have plenty of room for products.

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