Soultanicals: The Unboxing

Soultanicals: First Impressions

I got my products a few days ago, and I haven’t shampooed my hair. So, this is what’s called an ‘unboxing’ – it’s a quick, first impressions post to let you know my initial thoughts about the line. I definitely plan to do a full review, at a later date (soon).  Disclaimer: I purchased all the products I received. I purchased hair products, although a few products can be used on the body as well.

Here’s what I bought:

  • Hair Sorrell Knappilicious Kink Drink
  • Knot Sauce
  • Marula Muru Moisture Guru
  • Plait’num Roots Scalp Oil
  • Loc N Roll Twist & Fro Out
  • Afrotastic Curl Elastic

The FIRST thing I reached for in the box was the Kink Drink. It’s a moisture spray, and to be completely honest, I’ve not had the best experiences with products that spray from a bottle. I prefer trigger sprayers, because the product sprays in an even mist, and not in a direct stream. You use less product, which cuts down on waste.  So, you can guess how delighted I was to see a trigger sprayer (although the website pic shows the standard, most commonly used sprayer, and I’m not sure why that is). I tested it, and it works perfectly. My kinks got a light, moisturizing drink.

The overall packaging? Very nice. The labels look professional, and the lettering doesn’t bleed or rub off.  The products are packaged in the appropriate containers; liquids/lotions are in bottles, creams/butters are in jars. I hate to open a jar, and have product spill out (on clothes, or on the floor), because the product is too thin for a jar. I hate having to squeeze and shake a bottle to death to get the product out, because it’s too thick to be in a bottle in the first place. The jars/bottles were taped securely, and everything arrived in perfect condition.

Let’s move on to the scents. Let me tell you right away what’s not a favorite – the scent of the Afrotastic Curl Elastic conditioner. It’s hard to describe the smell, but “pungent celery” is probably the most accurate description I can think of. Everything else smells good. There’s something for everyone – sweet, dessert-like, fruity scents, as well as heady essential oil/aromatherapy blends.

One product you MUST try (that I’m sorry I didn’t order) is the Dash The Ash Body Balm. I got a sample with my order, and it’s definitely on the list for my next order. It’s a rich, thick, creamy, buttery balm (scented with an essential oil blend) that’s right on time, for this time of year. It’s an excellent foot balm, as well as a general ash/rough spot eliminator. The largest jar is 4oz, but you don’t need a lot.

Well, that’s it for now. Full reviews are coming soon.  In the meantime, visit the website and check the forum for discussions about the line.

Stay tuned…

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      [...] unboxed her goodies here and the rest of us have shown our love of the line on the [...]

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      MakeupAnBeautyJunkie says:

      Why did I click on this post..LOL!! Going to check out the website.

      • 3.1
        Tlynnsmith says:

        Because you’re a PRODUCT JUNKIE…like us. LOl! It’s a FABULOUS line. My full review (I’ve used the products for about a month) is coming in the next couple of days…

    3. 2
      Gina says:

      How long did it take for u to receive the products? I’m still waiting for my order that I placed on black Friday sad to say.

      • 2.1
        Tlynnsmith says:

        I took a couple of weeks, I believe. I would email them for an update. I don’t usually order products on Black Friday, because they normally take longer than usual (and usual can be long, for indie companies) and I don’t like waiting an extra long time.

    4. 1
      Danielle says:

      I’m looking forward to seeing your full review! As a proud Jamaican I would be very remiss if I didn’t order that Hair Sorrell as soon as possible! The ingredients looks wonderful!

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