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Huetiful Steamer

My FAVORITE hair item, purchased within the last 3 years, is my steamer. It has truly turned my conditioners, henna and deep conditioners into a working gold mine ALL the time. So yes, you’ve guessed it – I’m giving away a steamer! Note: I don’t own a Huetiful steamer. My steamer is the rolling kind,  but not everyone has the space for one so that’s why I chose a portable option. Use the form below, to enter the giveaway. Follow the instructions, and check your email! Giveaway ends Friday, 11/30/12 @ midnight (EST). Winner will be announced on Saturday, 12/1/12.

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    48 Comments and 2 Replies

    1. 48
      Candace Wright says:

      No, I’ve never has a salon steam treatment.

    2. 47
      Daniela Duranti says:

      I had a salon steam treatment and my hair looks better immediate!!!!

    3. 46
      Chelsea Long says:

      I haven’t had a salon steam treatment yet, but I think I need one. I plan to get my hair blown out and curled for New Years.

    4. 45
      Aidanna says:

      I’ve had a salon steam treatment twice; the first time I didn’t feel a change. But the second time I had a treatment (at a different salon), the stylist washed my hair after the steam treatment and my hair felt like thick silk afterwards.

    5. 44
      Stacey says:

      I have never had a salon steamer.

    6. 43
      VW says:

      I had a salon steam treatment during a color service and my hair felt wonderful.

    7. 42
      Charla W says:

      I’ve never had a steam treatment, but I would LOVE to try one. Though I’m a little scared of heat at times, I have noticed a difference in my DCing with a dryer. I’ve heard the steamer is even better.

    8. 41
      Tiffany says:

      I’ve never had one so the huetiful hair steamer would be the perfect chance for me to try out steam conditioning my hair! :)

    9. 40
      Sabrina Boissiere says:

      OMG – every naturalista raves about this steamer… Never had a steam treatment. This would be my X-Mas present to self… I’ve been a good girl Santa… LOL

    10. 39
      Vanessa A says:

      I have never had a steam treament, but would love love to have one of my own.

    11. 38
      Vashti P says:

      I’ve never had a professional steam treatment, But I’d love to have one someday.

    12. 37
      Mary says:

      No I haven’t. But I hope I win so I can see the benefits.

    13. 36
      Steph Coupons says:

      yes I’ve had a salon treatment, I can always tell a difference!

    14. 35
      Sohna says:

      I’ve never had a salon steam treatment, but I’ve heard about the benefits

    15. 34
      Ashley says:

      Steam treatments turn even the most average conditioner into an amazing DC. I always see immediate difference in my hair after steaming.

    16. 33
      LaShan says:

      I haven’t but I have heard a lot about the benefits

    17. 32
      Kaielle says:

      Yes. It was softer

    18. 31
      cherelle sykes says:

      I would LOVE to have one of these… O_O

    19. 30
      alexis martin says:

      I have used a steamer before and the moisture it gives is awesome!

    20. 29
      Gisemonde says:

      Yes, I’ve experienced salon steam treatments before and noticed right away that my hair was more smooth and silky. There’s definitely a noticeable difference between using a steamer vs. a table-top dryer, so I’d love to own a steamer if possible.

    21. 28
      Tameka says:

      I’ve never had one, but I’ve heard how good they are.

    22. 27
      Co says:

      I’ve had a salon steam treatment once but I didn’t like the products that were used.

    23. 26
      Jennifer G. says:

      I’ve never had a salon steam treatment but I hear how great steaming can be for the hair. I would love to try the huetiful steamer!

    24. 25
      Shawn Johnson says:

      The salon I go to has a steamer and it’s fantastic. My hair was soft and my twist came out great. I recommend getting one. Which is what I’ll have to do if I don’t win this.

    25. 24
      darla P says:

      I have never had a steam treatment outside of my shower! I am in dire need of moisture help and have been reading up on these steamers. Would LOVE to add it to my weekly moisture mission!

    26. 23
      Lois Lewis says:

      I have never had a professional steam treatment, but I have done the at home DIY steam towel method. Love the results.

    27. 22
      Nicole says:

      I have never had a steam treatment at salon, but I do own a rolling steamer and I love using it to deep condition my hair. I think that if I won this that my mom would love to have it since she has been eyeing mine but doesn’t have the room for mine at her house.

    28. 21
      Adrianne says:

      I have never had a salon steam treatment.

    29. 20
      Fina says:

      I’ve had 1 salon treatment with a steamer years ago

    30. 19
      Tanesha says:

      I have never had a salon steam treatment;but I love the way my hair feels;after a steam treatment!

    31. 18
      Kimberly Wynne says:

      I want it!!! :) I have never had a steam treatment but wonders if it will be the key to giving my hair the moisture it needs and will reduce the frizz…I swear sometimes the frizzies in my hair look like teddy bear stuffing…

    32. 17
      Kimberly A. says:

      I wish I had the pleasure of going to a salon for a steam treatment. Living in Houston, there are SEVERAL salons, but I have yet to go. I’d really like to have one of my own.

    33. 16
      Brittany Bright says:

      Unfortunately I have yet to experience a salon treatment using a hair steamer! Would love if I could get that same experience right at home! :P

    34. 15
      Tinasoga says:

      My hair would benefit from this steamer. Unfortunately, I am on a very tight budget now and I can not afford one at this time. Please consider me. Thank you!

    35. 14
      LaWanda S says:

      Never had a steam treatment, but would love to try one.

    36. 13
      KandyLandKurls says:

      No I havent had a steam treatment, so I would love to win this!!!!

    37. 12
      Kiki says:

      I have never had a salon treatment with a steamer.

    38. 11
      Trina L says:

      I love the way a steam conditioner makes my hair feels. Wish me luck!!

    39. 10
      Tonya M says:

      I have been planning to purchase one of these because I have been told that it will help tremendously with my dryness and with my henna treatments!!! *crosses fingers*

    40. 9
      LaToya says:

      I have never had a salon steam treatment, but I hear they are the bomb!

    41. 8
      Annice says:

      love mine!

    42. 7
      De'Aura says:

      I LOVE steam treatments! I’ve had a few at the salon (years ago), but I mainly use the steam room at the gym or at the spa. My hair is in bouncy, lush heaven after a good steam!

    43. 6
      Adriane says:

      I have never had a steam treatment done in the salon or at home. I would love to try this on my hair one day.

    44. 5
      tianna says:

      I have had steam treatments at the salon and they are awesome. I have also used the steam room in the gym for steam treatments!

    45. 4
      Danielle says:

      I have never had a hair steam treatment and I am jealous of those who have!!! I know steam does wonders for my skin so I have high hopes for hair benefits as well!

    46. 3
      Jeanna Conyers says:

      I have never had a steam treatment but omg I sooooo want one of these. I’ve watched so many videos and heard so much abut the benefits of having a steamer. With this it seems that it always seems to take any simple hair treatment to the next step and aids in helping you take better care of your hair.

    47. 2
      Chelsea Long says:

      OMG, let me be the one to win this steamer!!!! This is one of the tools missing from my hair care and tool arsenal!!!

    48. 1
      Shay72 says:

      No I have not had a stteam treatment at the salon. I’m someone that has not been to a salon in over a decade.

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