Ayurvedic Hair Spa Giveaway

Ayurvedic Hair Treatments

I love anything Ayurvedic. My heart skips a beat whenever I read or see any item with blends or tones of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic hair products have done a world of good for the manageability of my hair. Ayurvedic treatments can be time consuming, but the rewards outweigh the time commitment. Use the form below, to enter the giveaway.  Follow the instructions, and check your email!  Giveaway ends Friday, 11/30/12 @ midnight (EST). Winner will be announced on Saturday, 12/1/12. One (1) lucky winner will receive an Ayurvedic Hair Spa Bundle:

  • Njoi Creations Ayurvedic Mini Sampler (shampoo bar, hair oil and hair butter)
  • 2  Boxes of Hesh Amla Herbal Powder
  • 2  Boxes of Hesh Maka Herbal Powder
  • 2 Packages of Fenugreek
  • 1  Dabur Vatika Oil
  • 1  Hairveda Vatika Frosting
  • 1  Hairveda Cocasta Oil
  • 1 Box of Nupur Henna
  • 1 Box of Karishma Henna
  • 1lb of Bentonite Clay
  • 1lb of Rhassoul  Clay

I’m also including a bonus item: A neck warmer from Fatimeh’s Jewelry and Accessories    To enter, follow the instructions and check your email!

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    44 Comments and 4 Replies

    1. 44
      Candace Wright says:

      I would incorporate these products during my prepoo and deep conditioning treatments to improve the overall health of my hair.

    2. 43
      Aidanna says:

      I’m trying to improve my hair’s strength and softness while at the same time cover my gray hairs. So I will use these products all together in a hair mask that I’ll do once a month.

    3. 42
      Ashley says:

      I would incorporate the cleansing and conditioning herbs and clay into my weekly routine. The oils will be used for prepooing and sealing.

    4. 41
      Natashia Davis says:

      To make my hair stronger…conditioning twice a month

    5. 40
      Tiffany says:

      I love henna and I’ve always wanted to try Vatika frosting, and rhassoul clay to condition my natural hair. The other product would be a treat and possibly open up my hair care journey to more ayurvedic hair treatments!

    6. 39
      Sabrina Boissiere says:

      I would incorporate these products:
      Njoi Creations Ayurvedic Mini Sampler (shampoo bar, hair oil and hair butter) – would try
      2 Boxes of Hesh Amla Herbal Powder – don’t know what it is, but I’d find a use for it!
      2 Boxes of Hesh Maka Herbal Powder – don’t know what it is, but I’d find a use for it!
      2 Packages of Fenugreek – don’t know what it is, but I’d find a use for it!
      1 Dabur Vatika Oil
      1 Hairveda Vatika Frosting – pre-poo overnight
      1 Hairveda Cocasta Oil – a pre-poo treatment
      1 Box of Nupur Henna – color or shine?
      1 Box of Karishma Henna
      1lb of Bentonite Clay – with a DC; great for detoxing scalp
      1lb of Rhassoul Clay – with a DC; great for detoxing scalp
      And what I’m not familiar on I’d learn! LOVE YOU LADIES! DANG…

    7. 38
      Vanessa A says:

      I would use them as a part of my weekly deep condtioning treatment

    8. 37
      Mary says:

      I’ll use it to strengthen my weak hair

    9. 36
      Steph Coupons says:

      I’d use them for a deep cleaning treatment!

    10. 35
      Sohna says:

      I will use some of the items monthly in my deep conditioning treatment

    11. 34
      Candis says:

      I have been doing a lot of research on how to give my hair more lush and I’ve learned that these powders are one, organic and natural and two, extremely high in natural ingredients that will help in the health of my natural hair. My goal to incorporate these products in my hair is:
      Monthly: treatments (different powders of course)
      Weekly: oil treatments
      Daily: oils for moisture
      Every three months: henna treatments

      I hope I win!!!!

    12. 33
      Kaielle says:

      Strengthen my hair

    13. 32
      cherelle sykes says:

      This is sooo nice.

    14. 31
      Tameka says:

      I incorporate ayurvedic powders in to my regimine weekly. I mix them in my deep condition and I use they to cleanse my face.

    15. 30
      Naresa G. says:

      I have just recently started using Ayurvedic powders such as bentonite clay and amla and I absolutely love them. Looking to incorporate more Ayurvedic products in my regimen!

    16. 29
      Avalon says:

      I am already into Henna and natural oils. I will use these products once a month for a cleansing and deep condiontioning. Keeping my strands strong in the winter is very important.

    17. 28
      Wanda Howard says:

      Ayurvedic powders are so good for my hair. I love mixing them with organic oils or teas. They leave my hair strong and shiny. I do my treatments monthly and truly enjoy them. I appreciate the give away. Thanks!!!

    18. 27
      Melissa says:

      I love using bentonite clay as a cleanser and rhassoul clay for conditioning. Both of them make my coils pop!

    19. 26
      Shannon says:

      I love Ayurvedic Herbs. I’ve purchased products that have them in there.

    20. 25
      darla P says:

      I am fours months BC and am constantly searching for products to use to help retain moisture. I use the vatika frosting already as a sealer and love it. Have been debating henna use and I will definately find a way to incoporate everything into my weekly regimen.

    21. 24
      Roberta Luttrell says:

      I just love hair treatments from India.
      Hope I Win

    22. 23
      Deb A. says:

      I am brand new to Ayurveda and a new natural! I want to learn
      about the many hair benefits from Ayurvedic treatments and how
      best to grow and manage my natural hair!

    23. 22
      Dianne Green says:

      I started using Henna about 4 months ago and loved the conditioning
      and strengthening effects on my natural hair. After my 1st treatment I
      began to research all things Ayurvedic and starting incorporating
      the principles into my healthy lifestyle.. this is a great Hair spa bundle!

    24. 21
      Kayelle says:

      I already use Ayurvedic herbs in my tea rinses and shampoo and I would further incoporate these items when I cleanse and deep condition.

    25. 20
      Nicole says:

      I have been looking into Ayurvedic treatments for a little while now but, I have never been sure of where to start or exactly what to get. I would love to be able to try these.

    26. 19
      mochacurls says:

      I do bi-weekly henna treatments to color and strengthen my hair. It helps cut down matting and helps soften my hair.

    27. 18
      Evelyn says:

      I use henna on my once a month, I love amla it makes my hair feel thicker.
      The vatika oil I use a prepoo treatment. I would love to incorporate it the other products in my hair care routine.

    28. 17
      Vashti P says:

      I will use these ingredients in cleansing and deep conditioning my hair. I love all things Ayurvedic and this is an awesome giveaway :)

    29. 16
      Tanesha says:

      I love experimenting with Ayurvedics powders and oils!These would be a great addition to my hair masks!I also want to start doing facial treatments;with some of the different powders.

    30. 15
      alexis martin says:

      This is a great giveaway use these herbs all the time in my hair :) .

    31. 14
      alexis martin says:

      This is a great giveaway, I use ayuverdic powders quite often in my hair.

    32. 13
      LaWanda S says:

      I would add these to wash and condition my hair, also for cleansing my face.

    33. 12
      Tonya M says:

      I really want to get into ayurvedic treatments. I have some things but don’t know where to start. I think it’s what my hair will need from time to time and it will go GRRRREAT with that steamer! ;)

    34. 11
      Erin says:

      I just BC’d and while I was transitioning I a lot about Ayurvedic treatments. The henna will color my hair, I’ll use the Amla for deep conditioning, the oils and frosting will be used for sealing, and dc. There’s so many possibilities….but this is where I would start!!

    35. 10
      Jo Somebody says:

      [Not entering competition]
      I too love Ayurvedic hair treatments! I always add amla to my henna so my curls don’t loosen. I just love the colour and the strength it gives my hair. Probably my favourite ‘herb’ is Maka. I use the powder and also mahabhringraj oil. Also like jaswand/hibiscus if that counts!

    36. 9
      Gisemonde says:

      I find so many benefits of an ayurvedic hair and skin regimen. I’d use the clays once a month for my hair, 2x a month for my skin; I’d mix the powders into my weekly deep conditioning treatments for an extra layer of conditioning; I’d use the henna biweekly to take advantage of the conditoning benefits and some loosening of my curl pattern; vatika oil to seal moisture on wash day then every other day; not sure how I’d use the fenugreek as I’ve never used it before; curious and interested in incorporating the cocasta oil and frosting as well. Overall, great ingredients for a lucky head of hair. Thank you for sponsoring a multi-purpose basket of products.

    37. 8
      Terri says:

      I love Ayurvedic Herbs. I’ve purchased products that have them in their, and it works wonders in my hair. congrats on your launch

    38. 7
      Tamara Zantell says:

      I hear Ayurvedic Herbs are amazing for your hair. I have been doing research on how to infuse them into my Shea butter mixes. I’m looking to increase the health of my hair and see just how amazing it can be with proper pampering. Thank you for the oppurtunity and congratulations on your launch !

    39. 6
      tianna says:

      I incorporate ayurvedic treatments 2X a month – great for deep conditioning and making my curls super springy!

    40. 5
      Jeanna Conyers says:

      I havebt had the chance myself to enjoy the bebefite of incorporating ayurvedic treatments to ny routine but I’ve seen those that have and their results alone is enough to make you want to see for yourself. If given the chance I will incorporate it on my deep conditioning, wash days, styling if I can and the daily maintenance of not just my hair but also my skin.

    41. 4
      Danielle says:

      I haven’t been able to try out any Ayurvedic treatments yet but I have long time been interested in trying them out! I am specifically looking forward to incorporating Ayurvedic pre-poo treatments, rinses, and detox masks into my hair regimen.

    42. 3

      I love Ayurvedic products….I already use henna but I’ve always wanted to try Amla and Maka powder….I would use the bentonite on my face and on my hair….The oils have endless possibilities and I do love Njoi’s products too!

    43. 2
      Angelique says:

      I love ayurvedic and I use henna and ayuevedic oils to seal in my moisture.

    44. 1
      Chelsea Long says:

      I incorporate ayurvedic treatments into my hair and skin regimine on a weekly basis. From deep conditioning hair , dyeing hair, and minimizing pores, there’s always a place for ayurvedic!!!

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