OCC and Illamasqua Giveaway

Into The New With Boldness!

There is nothing more daring and brash than color. It shows personality and makes an immediate impression. You can tailor it however you choose, based on a myriad of things. Color makes us dynamic! In ode to my love for color, I humbly present my giveaway to you reflecting the best of the best in color, from both sides of the ocean. Use the form below, to enter the giveaway.  Follow the instructions, and check your email! Giveaway ends Friday, 11/30/12 @ midnight (EST). Winner will be announced on Saturday, 12/1/12. Two (2) lucky people will win either : A) Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: Lip Tars in Belladonna and PrettyBoy, Eyeshadow in Static, and Nail Lacquer in Chlorophyll. Value $52.50  OR  B) Illamasqua: Lipstick in Atomic, Nail Varnish in Cameo and Cream Blush in Brazen. Value $64

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    25 Comments and 10 Replies

    1. 25
      Rachel says:

      I LOVE the liptars, of course, and I love Illamasqa in general. I’d love to win either set! Thanks for offering the giveaway and good luck to everyone that enters! <3

    2. 24
      Daniela Duranti says:

      I love bold looks especially in lips!!!!!!

    3. 23
      Aidanna says:

      I like wearing bold colors, I’m extremely comfortable and confident while rocking my style.

    4. 22
      Stacey says:

      I love bright and bold eyeshadow, even for work.

    5. 21
      Njeri THompson says:

      I must admit that I’m very quiet in my everyday life so I love rocking bold makeup looks! :D It is much fun to be colorful. I love bold eyes and lips :D I wear my looks to my jobs and get so many compliments. :D DD

    6. 20
      lauren o. says:

      I like to wear a bold eye color or nail color but I have a hard time pulling off a bold lip. I get chapped lips and bright colors don’t help the problem sadly.

    7. 19
      VW says:

      Love bold looks especially lips and cheeks. No problems rocking them at all.

    8. 18
      Sabrina Boissiere says:

      I tend to go the safe route with my eyes… I use black liquid liner and cat eye it and mascara but I will rock a red or hot pink lip!

    9. 17
      Vanessa A says:

      I’m more of the play it safe route, but willing to try new and different things.

    10. 16
      Shemp DeYoung (@ShempGames) says:

      I’m more a fan of barely there makeup unless it’s a special occasion.

    11. 15
      Steph Coupons says:

      I prefer going the safe route!

    12. 14
      Avalon says:

      I like a bold look but I can’t wear it all the time because of my profession. But when I go out I go all out!!! lol

    13. 13
      cherelle sykes says:

      I really like the unique colors, omg.

    14. 12
      Oni says:

      I more of a bold lip girl! I love a clean/contoured face natural eye with winged eyeliner and a pop of color on the lips.

    15. 11
      Shannon says:

      I will rock a bold eye or bold lip but never the both at the same time.

    16. 10
      Lois Lewis says:

      I will rock a bold eye or bold lip but never the both at the same time.

      • 10.1
        Nefertiti says:

        You know me– I don’t really have a limit. Lol! I’m live on the streets, but do my MU like I’m on a runway. :)

    17. 9
      LaWanda S says:

      I love bold everything, except, I do not feel comfortable with blush at all.

      • 9.1
        Nefertiti says:

        Aww!! I tend to hear that often from women, particularly women of color where it doesn’t seem to have a real place in the makeup routine. I think it’s the “clown fear” because there is a fine line between looking rosy and looking like a clown. I think finding colors that compliment your skin tone , the proper brush and application technique help alleviate the fear. Personally, I started with muted plums and worked my way up. Now I’m rocking stuff as bright as Exhibit A by NARS which is one of my fav blushes (it’s a really in your face red). It comes with time.

    18. 8
      Tanesha says:

      I tend to rock both;bold or conservative.Sometimes I get in those moods;where I wanna be bold and I just go for it!

    19. 7
      Tanesha says:

      I tned to rock both;bold or conservative.It just depends on my mood.

    20. 6
      Kimberly A. says:

      I am comfortable with a bold eye (or lip). I love to try them on weekends!!

      • 6.1
        Nefertiti says:

        Haha! I’m a day off/weekend girl too! My work environment isn’t “push the envelope ” friendly, so I really love it when I can put on a full face and have fun with it.

    21. 5
      Brittany Bright says:

      Still perfecting the bold and dramatic eye. I have full lips so I love to do bold lips!

      • 5.1
        Nefertiti says:

        It’s constant practice and tweaking. Even the brushes you use change the outcome of the look I’m discovering all the time. Do you own a pencil brush and a blending brush? Those really help smoke eyes out.

    22. 4
      tianna says:

      I love bold eyes..makes makes my big hair even bigger. But I usually do a matte or light shimmer gloss on my lips.

    23. 3
      Tracy W. says:

      I love bold lips with neutral eyes. Still working on rocking a bold eye look!

      • 3.1
        Nefertiti says:

        It took a while before I really started to push the envelope with my looks and use my skin tone to my advantage. Once you get techniques down and practice, color is not as intimidating. I love my errors just as much as my successes.

    24. 2
      De'Aura says:

      I am all about bold make-up and colors! I love to pair a bold lip with my hair pulled back and with other bold pieces like bold nail polish, jewelry, shoes etc. I wear bold eyeshadow/liner when I’m wearing my hair big and curly. I love color and playing with different ways to pair it with my hair and clothing style.

    25. 1
      Chelsea Long says:

      I rock a bold and dramatic makeup look everywhere I go, it can be rocked at your job!!!It’s all about your look, stature and confidence, with all three in check you can rock anything!

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