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Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter

Yum! Josie Maran is my source, for the best Argan Oil products for hair and body. I love her stuff, and when I stumbled upon her Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter, I almost fell out in Sephora! I want you to fall out too!  One (1) lucky winner gets both the Sweet Citrus and Vanilla Apricot Butters! Wanna win this dynamic duo? Use the form below, to enter the giveaway.  Follow the instructions, and check your email! Giveaway ends Friday, 11/30/12 @ midnight (EST). Winner will be announced on Saturday, 12/1/12.

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    30 Comments and 3 Replies

    1. 30
      Daniela Duranti says:

      I try to moisturize when I step out of the bath

    2. 29
      Chelsea Long says:

      Firstly, I try to stay hydrated internally by drinking lots of water. But when showering I try to exfoliate/scrub/ remove the dead skin off my body at least once a week and then put on really thick body butter and then wear a sweatsuit or something thick and warm to bed so my skin can be fully penetrated by the heat.

    3. 28
      Aidanna says:

      By moisturizing and sealing. Not only do I moisturize and seal my hair but I also moisturize and seal my body after I finish bathing. Afterwards, I feel soft and velvety like silk.

    4. 27
      Stacey says:

      Shea butter and even vaseline sometimes. Vaseline really works, grew up on it.

    5. 26
      Njeri THompson says:

      I slather up with a mixture of coconut oil and almond oil that I have at night and during the day I use my BeautiControl Ultra moisturizing body cream. Leaves me super soft!

    6. 25
      Eunice says:

      I try to moisturize as soon as I step out of the bath. Skin damp/wet with a heavy butter (cut with some lighter oil, like jojoba or grapeseed). Funny enough, Crisco works just as well (shooo, mix some essential oils in there if you are feeling squeamish, lol).

    7. 24
      VW says:

      I use heavy butters and moisturize often. Also using my humidifier helps.

    8. 23
      Tiffany says:

      I like to use shea butter straight out of the shower and natural moisturizing lotions by lush.

    9. 22
      Sabrina Boissiere says:

      I will wash with a heavier body wash and use Aveeno lotion with oatmeal.

    10. 21
      Vanessa A says:

      I use coconut oil and shea butter.

    11. 20
      Mary says:

      sugar scrubs and a shea butter moisturizer.

    12. 19
      Avalon says:

      I do a lot of scrubs and baths with moisturizing agents. I also lotion like a mad lady!

    13. 18
      Ashley says:

      My skin is dry all year round so to combat the dryness I use an oil mix on my skin straight out the shower.

    14. 17
      Kaielle says:

      Oils on wet skin

    15. 16
      Natalie says:

      I use the “LOC Method”!It works great on my skin and my hair!Plus I exfoliate with a sugar scrub 1x/week.

    16. 15
      Lois Lewis says:

      Although I live in Florida there is still a slight seasonal change that requires a skincare change. During our cooler months, I incorporate body butters to deal with dry skin. Love Argan Oil.

    17. 14
      Nicole says:

      Slightly damp after a shower I slater on some type of butter (mango, hemp, cocoa or Shea) before the air completely dries me out.

    18. 13
      Danita says:

      I use my sugar/salt scrubs faithfully then keep the smooth skin moisturized with rich butters.

    19. 12
      LaWanda S says:

      Shea butter, and heavy oils.

    20. 11
      alexis martin says:

      I love body butters especially in the winter time. I tend to use heavier butters in the winter to cut down on the dryness of my skin.

    21. 10
      Tanesha says:

      During the winter after I shower.I apply a whipped butter and an oil to my skin.This has made a huge difference for me.

    22. 9
      LaToya says:

      I combat dry skin by moisturizing and sealing, just like I do with my hair. I apply a thick, water-based cream and then seal it in with a good oil.

    23. 8
      De'Aura says:

      To combat dryness and itchie skin, I drench my skin in a thick lotion or body cream with a thin layer of Jojoba oil on top. I do this right out of the shower so that my skin can absorb as much as possible.

    24. 7
      tianna says:

      I apply an extra thick butter immediately after I exit the shower to lock in the moisture. I also use all natural soaps that do not dry my skin.

    25. 6
      Jeanna Conyers says:

      For dry itchy skin on my face for moisture I try to keep some cocoa butter and for my skin u have to have a nice moisturizing cream or creamy butter that will hold the moisture in. Usually regardless of season I like my skin moisturized from head to toe.

    26. 5
      Tayec says:

      I combat dryness by using almond oil soap, followed by a thick body cream or butter. I also try to exfoliate once a week to get rid of the dead skin.

    27. 4
      Tlynnsmith says:

      This stuff is AMAZING! I’ve used it in my hair – both scents are delicious. They don’t smell “artificial”. It totally takes care of the itchies.

    28. 3
      Charla W says:

      I try to stay as moisturized as possible, especially after going to a dermatologist and her telling me I have eczema. It’s been trying to get my skin together.

    29. 2
      Shay72 says:

      Not only in the winter but year round I must put oil on my skin while it is still wet and follou up with a butter. Works every single time.

    30. 1
      Chelsea Long says:

      I combat dryness and the “itchies” during Winter by following the Greenhouse effect or baggy method.

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