Indulgence by SV Soaps Giveaway

Indulgence by SV Soaps

I love premium, handmade soap!  Indulgence by SV Soaps is an Etsy shop I discovered, a few years ago. I received a bar of Silvia’s soap as a gift, and I was hooked.  Silvia’s soaps are beautiful, smell divine, and leave your skin soft and fragrant – doesn’t get any better than that. If you’ve never tried handmade soap, you’re in for a treat. One (1) lucky winner gets to try six (6) bars of my choice (see the pics above and visit her shop to see even more beautiful soaps and bath goodies). Use the form below, to enter the giveaway.  Follow the instructions, and check your email! Giveaway ends Friday, 11/30/12 @ midnight (EST). Winner will be announced on Saturday, 12/1/12.

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    21 Comments and 0 Replies

    1. 21
      Daniela Duranti says:

      I haven’t tried!!! I want to try it because everyone says that te smell is AWESOME!

    2. 20
      VW says:

      I tried handmade soaps just to do something different and I like knowing what all of the ingredients are.

    3. 19
      Tiffany says:

      Yes I have! I love the original smells and how much longer the soap lasts compared to body washes. :)

    4. 18
      Vanessa A says:

      I’ve tried them and I love the more intense scents that tend to linger.

    5. 17
      Mary says:

      I’ve used chargin valley soaps. They worked well, but these look like spa treatments.

    6. 16
      Avalon says:

      I have tried soaps from Chagrin Valley. I love it because I know it is all natural

    7. 15
      Ashley says:

      I’ve used homemade bars and I love that the ingredients are so simple and they are so moisturizing.

    8. 14
      Kaielle says:

      Yes. The scent

    9. 13
      Co says:

      Yes, I’ve used handmade soaps before and I’ve liked quite a few of them. If it’s handmade I’m excited to try it.

    10. 12
      Shannon says:

      I have tried handmade soaps I and love them!

    11. 11
      Lois Lewis says:

      I have never tried handmade soaps but would love to give them a try. I love soothing scents and moisturizing products.

    12. 10
      Nicole says:

      I have tried a few handmade soaps (from small businesses) and they seem to last longer and aren’t as hash as the ones in the large chain stores.

    13. 9
      mochacurls says:

      I have tried handmade soaps in the past and love them!

    14. 8
      Danita says:

      I love handmade natural soap finding them less drying. I only use natural bar soaps for my kids. Also, the look and smell so yummy!!

    15. 7
      LaWanda S says:

      Yes, I love that they are not harsh, and the scents last longer.

    16. 6
      alexis martin says:

      I love handmade soaps and would like to try these. They seem to be gentler on my skin.

    17. 5
      Tanesha says:

      I have tried handmade soaps before and they moisturized my skin greatly!The oils seem to leave my softer;than any other soaps!

    18. 4
      Tinasoga says:

      This looks yummy! Would love to try this:)

    19. 3
      De'Aura says:

      I have not tried handmade soap, but I would love to use it! I love the idea of using products on your skin that are not harsh or drying and that smell great!

    20. 2
      Tayec says:

      I’ve never tried handmade soap, but I would love to. I want to compare w/ commercial soap and see if it’s truly better than what I’m used to.

    21. 1
      Chelsea Long says:

      I’ve tried handmade soaps before that were made from olive oil, what I like most about them is that they do not dry out your skin,

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