It’s Black Friday!

We’re Celebrating – Platinum PJ Style!

Welcome! We’re thrilled to have you as a guest!  We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, with your family and friends. If you missed subscribing to our mailing list, do it now. The Platinum PJ newsletter mailing list quick form is at the very bottom, to the right. It takes seconds to complete, and you’ll stay informed about  all Platinum PJ happenings. Be sure to read our Disclosures and Privacy Policy, so you’ll feel at ease with providing your contact information.

We’ve got several giveaways for you to enter – see the complete list below,  or click the ‘Contests and Giveaways’ tab at the top to see everything at once (just scroll down the page). Follow the instructions for each giveaway, so your entries won’t be disqualified. Our community forum is open, and the discussions have already started. Join us!  Registration is quick and easy. We look forward to chatting with you about the latest, and no-so-latest products for hair, skin, body and nails.

Today’s Giveaways:
Note: Winners will be announced on Saturday, 12/1/12

So, sit back, relax and take a tour- see what you think of our new home!  Leave us a comment – we’ll be online all day. Enjoy!

The Platinum Product Junkies
Hillery, Kemberli, Nefertiti, Shawny and Tlynnsmith


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    1. 3
      Tlynnsmith says:

      Thanks, ladies…we appreciate your support!

    2. 2
      Lois Lewis says:

      Great site. Excited to see what the future holds for Platinum Product Junkies.

    3. 1
      Tinasoga says:

      Love it. Thank you!

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